I have worked with Vinnie for 3 years at the remote wilderness resort El Questro. In his time with us, Vinnie has become one of those unforgettable characters that impact so favourably on the guest experience. Whether he is interacting with guests from the high end luxury lodge, The Homestead, or showing children the delightful wildlife on one of his tours, Vinnie can connect with all people and provide an authentic and information experience for them.  

 A true bushman, Vinnie’s breadth and depth of knowledge of the land and its flora and fauna is staggering. He has a true passion for Australian wildlife and Indigenous culture and delivers his love and knowledge of the land in a manner that is engaging and entertaining. A morning or a day out with Vinnie is not to be missed and will be the highlight of any visit to the area.
— Lori Litwack, General Manager, Delaware North El Questro
I had the absolute pleasure of getting to witness Katie and Vinnies amazing work whilst at El Questro in 2018.

Vinnies genuine passion for ensuring that his guests not only had an amazing time but left his tours with new knowledge and insights into the world was remarkable. He is by a long margin one of the most knowledgeable and passionate tour guides that myself, and any other of the guests he was guiding, have experienced. His cheeky sense of adventure and unwavering commitment to conservation and preservation ensure that he will be remembered by all who meet him for many years to come.

Katie’s desire to ensure that guests had a memorable time at El Questro was easy to see. Her intuitive and compassionate approach to people and her selfless approach to service really ensure that her guests were sad to leave her on their onward journey. A true service industry professional with a wonderful sense of humour to boot!
— Dave Meikle, El Questro Homestead Manager