About the Area


discover the wild.

Cape Discoveries Tours will take you on a guided tour through a variety of coastal Landscaped and Seascapes from wild windswept Capes to protected bays of turquoise waters and white sand beaches with an abundance of wildlife on the way.

 The Tours take in Coastal Reservers, Cape Nelson State Park, Discovery Bay Coastal Park, Discovery Bay Marine National Park, Koonang Mirring Sea Country and Mt Richmond National Park

 The geological features through the area are unique to the Australian coastline with the highest cliff face on the Victorian coast at Cape Bridgewater. The coast is made up of a series of extinct volcanos and capped by limestone from ancient dune systems now eroded by the relentless Southern Ocean and the weather that comes off it.

 The waters off the coast hold the secret to its phenomenal array of marine life, The Bonney Upwelling brings up nutrient rich water from deep off the continental shelf and from November to May intensifies with the south-east winds driving the upwelling westward along the coast as far as Kangaroo Island. On a good Upwelling year you can spot the magestic Blue whale  from the Capes along with Common Dolphin pods and many sea bird species feeding on the abundant krill and fish species. The coast also has the only mainland breeding colony of Australasian gannets which are a feature on the tour and the only mainland breeding colonies of Australian and long-nosed Fur Seals.

 On the tour we are on Gunditjmara, Koonang Mirring Sea Country with around 40,000 years of occupation the area has a rich cultural history.


Ancient History